4X4 Lovers

Format :12"
Type :ep vinyl 3 titres
Date :mai 2009

On this EP, Hupsydown show his different sounds, "4X4 Lovers" very tekno dancefloor style, "Born To Be Bass" half Dubstep and half 4X4 Garage Bassline, out on "Force Coming" CD compilation under the name "Musicale Bubble" with MC Lox, very strong and mythic, and the last track, "Clark Gabble", is the dark Dubstep side of Hupsydown aka Pushy! who takes some noises and influences from all the raves since the end of eighties.

Hupsy Down Kiosk 14 -extrait 4x4 lovers & born to be bass-
envoyé par su-sol

hupsy down Clark Gabble kiosk 14
envoyé par su-sol

Kiosk 4X4 Lovers


a14X4 LoversHUPSY DOWNTekno02'01 mp3
b1Born To Be BassHUPSY DOWNBassline 4X401'26 mp3
b2Clark GabbleHUPSY DOWNDubstep01'26 mp3