PUSHY! Serial Decibel

Format :12"
Type :ep vinyl 3 titres
Date :aout 2007

A1 : Serial Decibel
Up tempo Drum/Dub. Long and progressive, a pushed forward drum set, punctuated by series of cut sounds giving sense to the story. Thought as a track to mix !

B1 : Twilight's Brat
Electro/Dubstep/Break. A journey as the artist knows how to build them. A duality between aerial sounds and a heavy elaborated groove.

B2 : Serious
Break/Drill. The most recognisable of the three tracks. Powerfull and rich in events, a concentrate of Pushy!'s talent to immerge us in the complexity of his work.

Belleville Zoo 01 / Bison 07 / Kiosk 007 / 2007



a1Serial DecibelPUSHY!Drum & Bass
b1Twilight's BratPUSHY!Electro Break
b2SeriousPUSHY!Drill Breakz