The Priest

Format :Digital
Type :Single
Date :mars 2014

Kiosk records has just digitally released a powerful dubstep track from a collaboration between Sa Bat Machines and Dogboy Kelu. Also, check the cool remix from MacKoall.

Drama-drenched from the off, "The Priest" is serious sonic sermon. Living up to its church-bound moniker, the epic hook is a cascading series of synth flurries that fires up some serious emotions from deep within. Imagine the melodic impact of Ed Banger melted down by the fire of Flux Pavilion and you're on the right track. The MacKoall remix is equally hard-hitting thanks to its mighty strings and even gnarlier bass lick. Massive doesn't even begin to describe this release. Testify!

New digital release from SA BAT' MACHINES & DOGBOY KELU with a MacKoall remix


01The PriestSA BAT' MACHINES, DOGBOY KeluDubstep mp3
02The Priest MacKoall RemixSA BAT' MACHINES, DOGBOY KeluDubstep mp3