CATERVA est un collectif formé de Noprod, Duploficus, Anita Bomba, Riam...sons, graphisme(Riam), performances sonik...nous sommes basé pour l'instant à Strasbourg, zOne fRontALiéRe...interzone virtuelle entre les frites belges, la wursht romane, les montagnes..

Caterva is one of the first french dubstep live acts.
Originally formed in 2003, the duo has already produced several 12"
under various labels: Trakma, Dpc, Sens Inverse, Toxic, Kiosk...
They also contributed to many digital compilations such as the famous
JFX Bits 3 on Jarring Effects (High Tone, Scorn, Bassnectar, Ghislain Poirier), and the CD compilation "Mongolia expedisound" on I.O.T. Records (Crystal Distortion, Pushy!, Abraxxxass, Tetaar, Feudjay, Probe1, ).
Always open to various exciting musical experiences, they collaborated in remixing the album of the jazzman Laurent de Wilde.
Faithful to their electronic music production skills, Dubstep tracks contrasting with the usual "wobble" cliché

L'interview 2009 :

Interview Caterva Strasbourg
envoyé par StrasTv.

Caterva : les explorateurs du dubstep

Caterva : les explorateurs du dubstep par StrasTv