Nightmare Juke Squad

Juke and Footwork pioneer in France, Leatherface has been recognized by the genuine (and local) scene, he creates in 2007 (with the support of DJs Slugo and Deeon) the French subsidiary of the collective Violator Juke Squad DJs, gathering the first French-speaking Juke producers. Three EPs later, on the Detroit-based record label ' Juke Trax ' (DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ ClentÖ), including the already classics 'Beetlejuke' or 'Ghetto Boy', he produces in 2008 the track ' Ultimate Feeling ' with Candyman, released on the Finnish label Top Billin', featured on the vinyl Sexytime EP.
Co-founder of Nightmare Juke Squad, he releases end of 2010 the ' Nightmare Juke Squad - Rated R 'compilation. Remixer for The The Escapists, Phokus and Grapes, Goldielocks, Regulators, Raggo Flame, or Streets Of Rage, Leatherface delivers his first LP in 2011 called "Tales of the Jukesaw" on Booty Call Records. After a track on Power Shuffle on Low Riders Records and two tunes on "Unrated" the second Nightmare Juke Squad's LP, Leatherface continues to evolve his style and ranks as an institution into the worldwide Juke scene.

Pionnier Juke & Footwork en France, reconnu par la scène originale et locale, Leatherface crée en 2007 (avec le soutien des DJ Slugo et Deeon) la filiale française du collectif Violator Juke Squad DJ's réunissant les premiers producteurs Juke Français. Trois EP plus tard, sur le label de Detroit 'Juke Trax' (DJ Rashad, DJ Spinn, DJ Clent ...),comprenant les déjà classiques 'Beetlejuke' ou 'Ghetto Boy', il produit en 2008 le morceau 'Ultimate Feeling' avec Candyman sorti chez le label finlandais Top Billin, sur le vinyle Sexytime EP
Co-fondateur du collectif Nightmare Juke Squad, il sort fin 2010 la compilation 'Nightmare Juke Squad - Rated R'. Remixeur pour The Escapists, Phokus and Grapes, Goldielocks, Regulators, Raggo Flame, ou Streets Of Rage, Leatherface sort en 2011 son premier LP "Tales Of The Jukesaw" sur Booty Call Records. Après un titre sur Power Shuffle sorti sur Low Riders Rec en 2012, et deux titres sur "Unrated", le second LP Nightmare Juke Squad, Leatherface ne cesse de faire évoluer son style et se place dans les valeurs sûres de la scène Juke mondiale.