Fast Food Breaks 2

Format :12"
Type :LP
Date :mai 2010

Even better than the first one. the new Fast Food Breaks give you a full of Dubstep beat, Woobles bass and fx sounds,
with also some great reggae voix for your production or battles

The B side, skipproof sounds and locked Grooves for your entertainment
use 2 copie for more excitement
FFB Vol 2 is as well


1Chicken NuggetsDJ RITCHTurntablism01' 05
2HamburgerDJ RITCHTurntablism01' 21
3TacosDJ RITCHTurntablism01' 03

Dj Ritch Fast Food Breaks vol.2 teaser by Dj Ritch

Fast Food Breaks 2
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